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Anishka Verma is a high school student in California. "How to Become a Better Writer" is her first published paperback. Her previous publishing endeavors include an ebook she had written in the fifth grade, titled "The Staircase", a blog post she wrote on Medium, and articles she wrote for her school newspaper.

She is the founder of WritingBud, a start-up that helps students improve their English grades and get better at writing. It also offers free lessons to underprivileged kids.

In her spare time, which is hard to find, she enjoys baking, playing Minecraft, creating her musical compositions, or designing a pair of sneakers.

Fun Fact - She has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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How to Become a Better Writer

An Amazon.com Best-Seller by Anishka Verma

"Anishka Verma has written a compelling, well-articulated, and thorough manual for English students everywhere to help guide them through their formative high school English classes. As a high schooler herself, Verma's voice is both authentic and relevant. I've been a high school teacher for 16 years and I've never seen any other guide like this, at least not one written from the student's perspective, let alone one this comprehensive and engaging. I highly recommend teachers and students alike checking it out!" - Susanna Emerson Ryan, High School English Teacher

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My favourite part of this book were the examples of written paragraphs before and after editing. A great effort by a young author.
Akul Shrivastava Sophomore Senator! - 10th Grade Student at Little Rock Central High School
I think everyone should read the chapter on “how to achieve beauty in your writing”. The examples provided really drive the point home.
Ryan 10th Grade Student at University High School Irvine
The book covers every writing requisite. This little book will be a perfect reference guide for a beginner writer. What I loved was explaining everything through an example. Loved it!
Amazon Customer
The author is a very young girl, but the lessons she learnt by her experience, by making mistakes and rectifying them with proper guidance, are really commendable. No wonder, she got a wide recognition for this book and the book received an award also! And, as per the famous saying, the age of a teacher (a conveyer of the knowledge – in this aspect) doesn’t matter. What matters are the lessons and the way of conveying them.
Want to become a better writer, but don’t know where to start? This book could help. Although the book is intended to help middle school and high school students, it can actually help any writer hone or develop their skills. It provides great examples and simple explanations. With one example, the author breaks it down to fix certain issues and make the writing stronger. Components that are discussed include: clarity, flow, metaphors, dialogue, style, and punctuation. The best part was the author’s tips to make your writing stand out. “Do not overwrite” and “do not overstate” were probably among the best ones. It even includes writing exercises to help you practice because, let’s face it, practice makes perfect. This book is like having your own personal English teacher and writing coach. Highly recommended for any writer!
Kindle Reader
If you would to become a better writer and are unsure how to commence, this book is the ticket. Geared toward middle school and high school students, it provides advice to help any writer hone or develop their skills. Full of examples and suggestions. A fine resource to have in the tool kit.
Ben Rose
This is a really good book. In the words of my 5th grader "It has taught me about different writing styles, and tips to make your writing standout. It is written in clear words that are easy to understand. I recommend reading this book to anyone who wants to improve their writing."
This had some great examples on what to do in writing. I liked the quizzes that it had between examples. My only gripe with is It’s sometimes tells you to do something one way and then does the opposite. This is more to do with the second half of the book.
Amazon Reader
I really like the flow of this book. It takes up the most important pieces of advice for young writers and makes ample use of examples.
Bhavika Khare A Graduate Assistant at UofMemphis TN
Good book by a high-schooler for fellow high-schoolers with a dedicated chapter for college admission essays
Ria S. Graduate Student at UC Santa Barbara