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From the Author of “How to Become a Better Writer”

About the Founder

I am Anishka Verma, a junior at Saratoga High School, CA and the author of Amazon.com Best-Selling Book “How to Become a Better Writer”

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My Expertise

I teach English to Students in Grades K-6. I also teach underprivileged students the gift of writing for free. I am available to teach students all around the world, virtually via Zoom.

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My Trainings

Are you struggling with basic writing? Do your assignments come back with red marks, no matter how hard you try? Or are you struggling with basic grammar and punctuation? Whatever the case, Writing Bud is for you. I meticulously customize my teaching for every student, improving their English and push them forward. With my training, not only do my students improve their English grades, they become better writers.

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Every student has unique needs for improvement. Tell me more about what you are hoping I can do for you, and we can schedule a free consulting session to discuss what you need.

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